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About Us

    Our orchard is located in the foothills of mid coast Maine, 15 minutes driving from Belfast. The farm covers 300 acres and was built in the mid/late 1800’s . 

   The orchard consists of more than 75 varieties of Apples and pears, with a few plums and peaches.

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Our Apples

   Our main crop apple is Honeycrisp, and they grow well on our soil, often reaching 1 lb size. We have other cousins of Honeycrisp, like Zestar!, Sweet sixteen, and Chestnut. We also have many heirlooms such as Wolf River, Cortland, Grimes Golden, Golden Russet and Mac. We have newer grower friendly varieties, such as Liberty, Redfree, Pristine and Red Jonaprince. There are roughly 1500 trees, mostly dwarf. With some semi and standard as well. 


Our Orchard

   The front orchard is pick your own, and the trees are short enough for easy picking from the ground. We practice integrated pest management and strive to grow healthy fruit that is also high quality and stores well.

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Our Store

    We also sell squash, pumpkins, cider and honey in our orchard store. Our varietal ciders and blended ciders are available throughout the season and we will custom blend hard cider blends for fermentation upon request.

    Our cider is non pasteurized and has no preservatives and is excellent for making hard cider and vinegar. Check our Facebook Page during the growing season for updates on varieties available.

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